What is Schroth?

Don’t Undergo Surgery!  Don't pay thousands for a "bootcamp" or braces that don't work.  Do your research.

Schroth Exercises Can Reduce Curves Safely

Spinal surgery to try to straighten the spine is almost never necessary! Try Schroth first. What is it?

  1. Correct rotations and increase lung capacity - Breathing Exercises
  2. Help restore normal spine position - Posture Exercises
  3. Improve posture and cosmetic appearance - Daily Habits

Our Treatment Goals:

  • Reduce of halt curve progression
  • Create a stable, more balanced spine
  • Improve appearance
  • Improve lung function
  • Decrease vertebral rotation
  • Relieve or reduce pain
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Learn exercises and basic corrections during daily activities
  • Avoid surgery or manage post surgery pain 

Our philosophy of specific exercise makes us the most efficient and effective choice for complete proactive scoliosis management – for all ages.  We give you tools to manage your curves over a lifetime while making the least impact on everyday life and getting results!

​From a Parent:  "I’d like to thank you again for EVERYTHING! You are making this journey a lot easier. My daughter actually now looks forward to your sessions and has a much better attitude about doing the exercises at home! I can’t even express how grateful we are."  

From a Patient: "While I had previously met with 2 different Schroth practitioners, you were the first to really walk me through understanding what was happening with my curves, rotations, ribs, lungs and breathing which seems essential to grasping the purpose of the Schroth exercises. I also had not yet been fully guided through the "Activities of Daily Living" such as how to sit, stand, walk and sleep which I have now been practicing."