YELP 5 star rating

"Andromeda has been adjusting my cervical and lumbar spine for several years providing relief of pain and increase movement.  I totally trust her techniques and would highly recommend Andromeda to anyone suffering from sciatica or scoliosis both conditions which I have.  She possess an understanding of the body and how the muscles work as well as a very knowledgeable medical background. Andromeda imparts advice on proper exercising, sitting, walking, and how to maintain and/or increase the affects of her work." Carole G.

Scoliosis Care with the Schroth method:

We customize a program for you to work on at home or here with us in the clinic with guidance.  No boot camps, no multilevel marketing or sales.  Just quality care using the original method.  Dr. Stevens was Certified by the direct descendant of the Schroth Method and stays true to its principles.

Specializing in Schroth Scoliosis treatment with a fully personalized program of simple exercises to stop unwanted pain and progression of the curves.  

Avoid surgery - avoid curve progression.

Bracing with the LA Brace Center

Disc Bulge Treatment with the Cox Flexion Distraction Technique:

A non-surgical, doctor-controlled traction performed with the patient lying on a table that permits the effective administration of flexion-distraction and decompression adjustment and manipulation.

Low Back and Joint Pain with Pilates based therapy:

Exercises designed to gain strength in the injured or painful areas.  Fitness and pain relief are my specialty.

Pilates Education with the Internationally recognized Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program.  Get Certified to teach by experienced and medically trained professionals.  Our program has been effectively educating professional Pilates instructors for 16 years.

Fasciablasting / Massage Therapy / Reiki / Ayurveda / Private Yoga

Available as a house call or at our location by request Tess Skudlark (818) 635-7918

Nutrition / Wellness Counseling

Available at our location, as a house call or remote

Erin O’Brien